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I am Oleg Kazakov, a motorsport photographer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over the past 10 years, I have been engaged in motorsport photography which made me travel to a good number of countries in a bid to cover this beautiful sporting event. I am a great fanatic of all forms of motorsports game, and my passion for it leads me into ensuring that I adequately cover all the action.

Did you know that it takes the unique skills of a professional and seasoned motorsport photographer to adequately capture high-speed motorsport vehicles irrespective of their speed pace? Apparently, you weren’t aware of this superb fact.

There are vast differences between taking photo shots of a motionless car to that of a sports vehicle in motion. In taking that of the former, all you need to is to consider the action and emotion of the car while for that of the latter (motorsports in motion) you’d need to consider these three essential features; action, emotion and speed. These three elements will ensure that you create some unique special effects of the motorsport vehicle in motion.


Oleg Kazakov 3 Powerful Tips to Taking Better Motorsport Photos

  1. Speed

A good number of people enjoy the sports of motorsport owing to the accelerated pace of these vehicles.  If you need a unique and catchy eye photo shots, endeavor to add these speed attribute to your photos. This technique is known as panning. Panning is the act of using a slow shutter speed to usher some motion blur into your photos. Moving your camera in a smooth motion in-line with the direction of a specific car has been beamed as one of the most comfortable ways of achieving this act. This would ensure that the selected car is clearly outlined in a blur background.

Start with a shutter speed of about 1/200th per second and gradually decrease your shutter speed as you improve on this technique. Certainly, a lot of practice and patience is needed for one to be able to get a nice smooth motion. Panning has been opined to being one of the most challenging techniques in photography. Indeed, this is because that it takes a whole lot of practice before one can get it correctly done. To get your car sharp within a blurred environment, ensure that your shutter speed is a bit high as the slower the shutter speed, the lower your chances of getting it right.

Don’t be discouraged; it takes a whole lot of practice and patience. Even professional photographers do not get it entirely though a good number may not agree to this bitter truth. Once you are able to master this lovely act of panning, you could add some creativity to your photos by trying to pan through objects as well.


  1. Action

Capturing a car while in motion on a race track, could be quite overwhelming. Those action moments are what actually tell the stories.  Definitely, you would want to be watchful to capture that lovely moment when two or more cars are bumping heads for a position as this would give you a detailed photographic story of the entire race. This is usually common with the opening of a race.

But in order to capture those beautiful action moments, you should endeavor to position yourself at any lower angle of the track. To successfully do this, familiarize yourself with the track environment before the game commences. While in this position, a minimum shutter speed of about 1/1000th would be ideal, as this would ideally capture the car in motion. Though in most cases, the speed rate solely depends on the speed the cars are travelling. Shoot the cars directly from the front or from behind as this would hide the motion in the wheels giving the cars some sense of speed and at the same time providing the cars a sense of speed.


  1. Emotion

There are lots of emotional attributes attached to the sports of motorsports; therefore, your photo should try as much as possible to portray these characteristics. To have a complete documented photographic story of the entire race, you ought to capture the teams, drivers or fans celebrating success. Capturing these scenes would add some flavor to your story.



In summary, keeping these three techniques in mind while taking your motorsport photographs would undoubtedly boost your motorsport professionalism. You will be certainly telling the stories of an event and not just a set of cars on track.


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