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Who is an interior photographer? Interestingly, a good number of people do not know who an interior photographer is or the job specifications of interior photographers; despite its wide usage. Well as surprising as this may seem, I would pride myself to describing an interior photographer along with their numerous job ethics. Interior photographers are photographers who pride themselves on taking photographs of the interiors of houses, offices, museums, buildings, and lots more. They capture the various images, designs, photos, and styles of these structures. Of course, they also aim at capturing the life-style of the person or people who own these beautiful places.

Some interior artists, designers, architects among others, make use of the works of an interior photographer in their various professional endeavors. A good number of commercial marketers use the works of interior photographers in promoting, advertizing and commercializing for their numerous customers and clients. With the tremendous increase in the demand for interiorly designed web-pages and blog pages, the need for professional and avid interior photographers has increased. Hotels, motels, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and lots more need the services of an interior photographer; else they are bound to lose their grip in the society.


Professional Interior Photographer in Dubai

Oleg Kazakov is a professional interior photographer based in Dubai. With over 10 years of professional interior photography experience, he is poised to offering high-quality interior photography in Dubai. Presently he is assisting most Architectural companies, Hotels and Advertizing agencies in building their companies portfolios. He also helps a couple of media firms in producing eye catchy superb interior images. Oleg approaches each project work with extreme passion, professionalism and enthusiasm. He ensures he always applies the latest photography technology in all his interior photography projects thereby creating flawless images.


Oleg Kazakov’s Interior Photography Tips

Architectural photography, interior photography and every other motionless photography, requires lots of patience for one to be able to capture it correctly. Some objects are easily captured. These objects are those in motion or those that can be easily moved from place to place such as cars, humans and lots more into better properly lighted environments. But this isn’t so with architectural images. In order to properly capture the image, three things should be considered.

1.) Since we are taking photographs of stationary objects, considering where the light comes in from is of optimum importance. If you really want to make a unique shot, you have to patiently wait for the light rays to be at its best position. This will certainly aid you in creating a superb jaw breaking image. If you do not intend working with light, it would be better you hold on till there are no more shadows of the object to be captured. However, if you intend using supplemental lighting, try as much as possible to have the best natural light with a supplement of some well placed artificial light.

 2.) People, cars, tress, houses, structures as well as other objects are most likely to get on the way but if you have the financial and man-power resources to clear up a whole street or to keep bystanders and other motion objects from getting on your way, you should go ahead and take your shots. Else you should just go ahead and patiently wait for these objects to clear off.

3.) Relax your nerves, take a deep long breath, and ensure you are mentally and emotionally active before proceeding to take those wonderful shots. In addition to this, double check your equipment, be certain they are all in perfect working conditions. Endeavor to watch out for the following:

  • Leaves, garbage, other detritus.
  • Roughly arranged furniture, chairs, and carpets.
  • Slanted lampshades, uneven bed-sheets.
  • Twisted vertical lines.
  • Those things that are worthless to the composition.

Reflections of objects that might seem difficult to remove. Take a moment to ensure you have everything in order as this will certainly save you the stress of spending countless hours trying to edit these images. You got to believe me when I tell you that I have learned interior photography the hard way and these are some of the things I fight against each time I take a shot. In summary, interior photography is one of the best professions anyone could venture into. When starting out always try to ascertain your end goal as this helps in achieving tremendous success. Always remember that each customer or client comes with a unique demand.

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