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Car photographer in Dubai

Did you know that car photography is one of the most complex and tasking form of photography? Of course a good number of people, who have ventured into this photography business, would gladly testify to this. There are quite a number of lighting issues to overcome in order to effectively succeed in capturing the right scene. Oleg Kazakov is one of the internationally recognized car photographers owing to his highly creative and passionate flair for photography coupled with his unique use of lighting during photography.

There are numerous forms of car photography available in the photography industry which ranges from taking shots of fast action dynamic cars to those of motionless cars. These pictures could be seen on brochures and billboards that focus on detailing numerous car features and body parts. The way a car is being lighted and shot is pretty much essential to its industrial use. One can patiently and adequately work with light and camera lenses in order to capture its emotional feel and achieve success.


Car photographer Oleg Kazakov

Oleg Kazakov was opportune to have the pleasure of capturing some of the world’s most symbolic cars of all times. From some of the earliest conveyances down to the most current cars capable of foretelling the future car industry, Oleg has significantly created portraits that express his subject’s historical importance. A major key element to Oley’s photographic style is presenting these cars from the designers and manufacturers own perspective; their thoughts, their various motives as well as their numerous social and political contexts.

Automobiles are large collections of highly contemplative objects that present a myriad of technical photographic issues as well as numerous opportunities for visual excitement. Over the past couple of years, Oleg has been opportune to pass down lots of his automotive experiences to his numerous audiences in addition to this, he has also inspired the next generation of passionate automotive photographers which has invariably increased his respect and public appreciation.


Some Car photography Tips Used Oleg


Endeavour to shoot at the right time of the day

This has been shown to be one of the most common mistakes most photographers make when shooting cars. According to Oleg, the best time to capture images would be few minutes after or before sunset. The tripod stand would be a perfect instrument to use in achieving that perfect soft light needed to make the photograph a top notch.


Watch out for reflections

Pay adequate attention to those sources of reflections in the car you are about capturing. A new shinny car is most likely to reflect light rays. Therefore while capturing a car, ensure there are some open fields behind it. Desist from capturing images with trees, buildings and other structures behind you as these would negatively affect your photographs by preventing the various lines, curves and body parts of the car you intend capturing from reflecting.


Aim at Driving Shots from a Moving Vehicle

One of easiest ways of capturing a superb image is by shooting the car from a yet another moving vehicle. This will certainly enable you to properly capture the wheels of the car as well as the road. You can also decrease your camera’s shutter speed as this will increase your chances of capturing eye catchy and glaring photos.


Car’s Color

Some colors are pretty cool under direct sunlight, while some others act pretty different pending on the time of the day. A good number of colors act up under direct sunlight while some other works perfectly well under direct sunlight.


Shoot cars in motion

According to Oleg, another cool way of adding some motion to your photograph is by capturing the car while in motion from a motionless spot. This can be achieved by standing next to the road and letting the car drive past you. Gradually take a shot with your shutter speed set to 125th per second.


Shoot at night

Shooting at night has been proven to be one of the best times to capture realistic images of cars. One of the biggest secrets associated with night shoots is locating the appropriate dark spot. Street lights and full moons could make it a bit tricky and difficult in capturing superb images, therefore, ensure you avoid such scenarios. After you must have eventually found the best spot, set your camera up on a tripod stand with your ISO set to a 100, your shutter on a 30 seconds count and your aperture to approximately f/9. Once your shutter opens up, it creates a strong firm source of light which it uses to have a perfect capture of the vehicle.